“I enjoyed the exchanging of ideas from different sectors and countries.”

“I enjoyed the sharing of experiences from different participants and regulators.”

“I now have increased knowledge about ways how the authority can be proactive and address things better. The interactivity, working in groups to address specific situations made it much more interesting”.

“Very interesting, interactive group discussions, speaker very well prepared, theory put in practice. This course made me think and reflect on some issues and everyday circumstances which I face at work and which are normally taken for granted. Yes, I would recommend this course to a colleague as it is very interesting and professionally delivered.”

“The scope of the programme and the expertise of the trainers challenged us to evaluate our performance as regulators. The Jamaican Utilities Regulator is enriched as a result of our participation in this programme.”

“I had a very profound and fulfilling experience during the period when I attended the course in London, and it definitely met if not exceeded my expectations. The line of speakers was impressive and it included high-level people who are experts in their area of work and they selflessly imparted knowledge and practical experience on regulatory frameworks in their respective fields. I learned that regulatory framework principles cut across industries and are not limited to financial services as important lessons were drawn from sectors such railways, pharmaceuticals and legal. Anyone who is interested in learning and improving current knowledge on regulation would immensely benefit from attending the course as it is highly interactive and allows for sharing of experiences from different countries.”

"The course gave me an opportunity to appreciate regulation across sectors. It has shown me that regulation evolves with the regulated sector and that there are no shortcuts in regulation. The Course is indeed invaluable to anyone in the regulation field."

"This event exceeded my expectations."

"I found the course offered thought-provoking insights into regulatory affairs from a wide range of perspectives. It was very useful to inform current developments in our organisation."